Every laboring person deserves to be heard, loved, supported, and empowered. A doula will be by your side encouraging your body to birth without fear.

~ Love, Moon~Belly Doula


Jessica’s journey to birth

Hi there, my name is Jessica and I am a doula who resides in Long Beach, California. Currently I volunteer at South Coast Midwifery and Women’s Health Care. I recently moved back to Southern California from Humboldt County where I explored the vast trees, coastlines, and earth sciences. After receiving a B.S. in environmental science, I worked at a government agency for a year but I felt incomplete. I decided to move home to Southern California and explore my passion for birth support and education.

Like many, doula was a foreign term to me for most of my life. Raised by a parent whose profession was to administer pain analgesia to laboring mamma’s, I only knew birth as a high risk medical event. Overtime, I realized this perspective is not entirely true for most females and there is definitely not one ‘normal’ way to deliver a baby. In 2016, I was blessed with a beautiful baby sister whose entrance to this world was rather unexpected and unconventional. She and her mother have inspired me in many ways to pursue the role of birth doula and education advocate with the goal of increasing positive birth experience rates.

The Doula Mission


Reduction of unplanned c-section


Less likely to reflect negatively on their childbirth experience


Less likely to use pitocin (synthetic hormone ocytocin)

*Statistics sourced from DONA*

There are so many factors that influence the progression of labor negatively; fear, anxiety, stress, loneliness and suffering are the most common but most avoidable. Doulas are here to avoid the avoidable by focusing on you 100% of the time. We deliver continuous uninterrupted support during labor to reduce the common spiraling feelings of stress and anxiety. During birth, continuity of care is nearly impossible at a modern hospital due to length of labor and frequent shift changes. If you have a doula, they are with you the entire time (30+ hours if necessary) guiding you through the motions offering positivity.

Moon~Belly Doula will provide comfort measures, words of encouragement, position changes, grab your partner food and more upon request. Bringing new life to this world is the most empowering, but challenging event our bodies will experience. At a hospital, birth center, or home, for a vaginal or cesarean, Moon~Belly Doula is there to assist you and your partner’s every need during this magical event.

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